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Two-ism and the Doctrine of the Incarnation

Watch Dennis Johnson’s lecture from the 2012 Truth Xchange Think Tank:

[tentblogger-vimeo 44969003]

New Title for Logos: Millard J. Erickson Collection (7 Vols.)

Logos is introducing a new seven-volume collection of some of the best of Millard Erickson’s work.

…this collection examines such oft-debated subjects as eschatology, conservative evangelicalism, the doctrine of God, the Trinity, postmodernism, and Christology. For each topic, each volume includes an overview, a history, a critique, and an evaluation—presenting both positive and negative views from various contemporary scholars.

Included in this series are:

  • A Basic Guide to Eschatology: Making Sense of the Millennium
  • The Evangelical Left: Encountering Postconservative Evangelical Theology
  • God the Father Almighty: A Contemporary Exploration of the Divine Attributes
  • God in Three Persons: A Contemporary Interpretation of the Trinity
  • Making Sense of the Trinity: Three Crucial Questions
  • Postmodernizing the Faith
  • The Word Became Flesh: A Contemporary Incarnational Christology

You can pre-order the collection for $99.95.

Preaching with people you have differences with

Steven Kryger:

After a couple of days at the Hillsong conference, I asked the question on Twitter:

Would you share the platform at a conference with someone you didn’t theologically agree with?

…Obviously, we want to agree on the foundational truths of the Christian faith, but what if we feel there is an unhelpful distortion, emphasis, or lack of emphasis?

The Idea of America

Kevin DeYoung:

It has often been said that America was founded upon an idea. The country was not formed mainly for power or privilege but in adherence to a set of principles. Granted, these ideals have been, at various times in our history, less than ideally maintained. But the ideals remain. The idea persists.

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