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Jesus’ Doctrine of Scripture

Kevin DeYoung:

On Sunday I finished aneight week sermon series on the doctrine of Scripture. In this last sermon I encouraged the church to have the same doctrine of Scripture that Jesus did. If he his our Lord and our Master—even if he were only a great teacher—surely we want his view of the Bible to be our view of the Bible.

After working through four main texts (John 10:35, Matthew 5:17-19; 12:38-42; 19:4-5) I provided a summary of Jesus’ doctrine of Scripture.

Cookie Monster: “Share it Maybe”

Because we have young kids, Sesame Street is kind of a staple in our house. Check out the new parody song by Cookie Monster:

[tentblogger-youtube -qTIGg3I5y8]

Together for Adoption 2012

Last year I had the chance to live blog the Together for Adoption conference and it was a terrific, spiritually-edifying experience. Here are a few details regarding this year’s conference:

The primary objective of our September 14-15 national conference is to take Christians deeper into God’s story of Adoption to give hope and practical tools to walk with deep joy through “the sufferings of this present time” (Romans 8:18-23) for God’s glory and the good of orphans around the world. God’s work of adoption within the world is a story that encompasses all of human history, from its pre-temporal beginnings when God predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to the renewal of the heavens and the earth. From the Apostle Paul’s perspective, Adoption is the story that makes sense of the universe, that makes sense of our broken lives and gives the existence of all creation ultimate meaning.

…Join us September 14-15 in Atlanta for Together for Adoption National Conference 2012. Over 1,000 people will gather together at Cross Pointe Church to explore God’s Story of Adoption for a Broken World.

Humility: This, Not That

Jared Wilson:

The gospel is a great humbler, empowering us with such confidence that we become clear-minded about ourselves, as Paul urges in Romans 12:3. Compare and contrast these two stories.

The New Sexual Identity Crisis

Jeff Buchanan:

We live in a culture addicted to identity labels. We seek to summarize everything essential about an individual in a word, phrase, or 140 characters. With every label and category there comes another level of segregated identity, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of sexual identity.

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