Theological Famine Relief and Christian Identity

Bridges 364

One of the things I’m so thankful for is the gift of beneficial resources God has blessed us with in North America. We have so many wonderful, God-glorifying books and resources at our finger tips and we should thank God for these things. But God has not given these things to us for our benefit alone. Thousands of pastors all around the world have virtually no access to any sort of theological education.

That’s why I’m incredibly excited about The Gospel Coalition’s International Outreach:

As God directs and equips, The Gospel Coalition’s international mission is to see thousands of congregations in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe receive solid biblical teaching from their leaders, because of new access to theological resources, both physical and digital, in helpful languages and formats. . . .

The focus of our work is in launching Relief Projects consisting of physical and digital resources in English, Spanish, Russian, French, and other languages. The scope of the need is larger than any single ministry can fill. We are looking for partners to help us cultivate relationships, develop and deliver resources, mobilize networks, and build support. We want to connect with donors, churches, translators, publishers, missions senders, and goers who sense a call to engage in Theological Famine Relief. You can help us to create and deploy these resources where they are most needed around the world.

One of the ways they’re seeking to equip pastors is with a terrific book from Cruciform Press (the publisher of my first two books and where I work part time handling some of their marketing): Who Am I?: Identity in Christ by Jerry Bridges (reviewed here).

This is a book all about who we are in Christ, one of the most critical things any Christian needs to understand. But, as my friend Tim Challies recently pointed out, it can take years (if ever) for many of us to “get” this, depending on the teaching we receive and the books we read. That’s where Bridges’ book serves as a wonderful gift to the Church, both here in North America and around the world, as he unpacks the following eight truths:

  1. I Am a Creature
  2. I Am in Christ
  3. I Am Justified
  4. I Am an Adopted Son of God
  5. I Am a New Creation
  6. I Am a Saint
  7. I Am a Servant of Jesus Christ
  8. I Am Not Yet Perfect

I can think of few resources outside of Scripture that would be a more helpful gift for pastors in need of Christ-exalting resources to increase their own understanding and share with their congregations.

Please consider helping The Gospel Coalition make 3000 copies of this wonderful book available to our brothers and sisters in the global church by donating to TGC’s relief project.

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