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Are We All Just Broken People?

Stephen Altrogge:

These days it’s cool to use the word “broken” when talking about human sinfulness. There is something down and dirty and real life-ish about the word. It sounds authentic, and as everyone knows, authenticity is what it’s all about these days. “We’re all just broken people,” is what I typically hear, and what I’ve said myself from time to time. And there is something true about the statement. In one sense, sin has broken everything. Our entire personhood, from our health, to our intellect, to our sexuality has been “broken” and distorted by sin. We are not how God originally made us. . . But I think we need to be really careful when we use the word “broken” to describe us as Christians. Our fundamental identity is not as broken people, our fundamental identity is found in Jesus Christ.

21 Things They Don’t Tell You About Church Planting

Darryl Dash:

It’s been six months and a day since I started the adventure of church planting. We’re still early on, but I’m learning lots. Here are 21 things I’ve learned that they don’t tell you about church planting.

Without an Invitation, It’s Just a Story

Marc Cortez:

I love it when people share the gospel story. Especially when they do a good job. Hearing them trace the grand narrative from creation, through the fall, into God’s faithful presence with his people Israel, all the way to the coming of Messiah and his life, death, resurrection, and ascension. And I get particularly excited when they go on to talk about the outpouring of the Spirit, the mission of the church, the way God will wrap everything up in the end, and how all of this relates to the good news that is the gospel.

This is a good story.

But, unless you go the next step, it’s just a story.

What Girls Should Know About Guys: 40 Tips

David Murray:

At last week’s Youth Camp, I hosted a workshop for the guys on 10 things they should know about girls. Before I got into the topic, I distributed index cards to each guy and asked them to write on it the one thing that they wanted girls to know about guys. “This is your one chance in life to send a legitimate anonymous message to the girls about what you wish they knew about you.”

I then collected the cards and sent them up to my wife, Shona, who read them out to a similar workshop for the girls. So what did the guys want the girls to know about them? Here’s a selection from the cards.

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