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The Right Kind of Christ-Centeredness

Jared Wilson:

To be gospel-centered is to be Christ-centered. But as it pertains to the pursuit of holiness and obedience to God’s commands we may opt more often for the terminology “gospel-centered,” because without more qualifications, “Christ-centered obedience” can be misconstrued to imply simply taking Jesus as a moral example.

Preventing Heresy in Your Small Group

Sam O’Neal:

…for as long as I’ve been associated with small groups, I’ve heard whispers about their potential connection with heresy and false teaching. I haven’t seen those whispers come to fruition firsthand, but I can understand where they come from. Even the best small groups involve a level of detachment from their host church that isn’t present in Sunday School and other ministries. And anytime a lay person is expected to lead others in exploring God’s Word, mistakes and misconceptions can happen.

With that in mind, here are four steps churches and group leaders can take to prevent the spread of heresy and false teaching in small groups.

A Triperspectival Approach to Blogging

TIm Brister:

I find that strong, balanced blogs generally take a triperspectival approach to blogging. They may not call it that, and they may not realize they are doing it. So what do I mean by triperspectival blogging? I am referring to blogposts (and blog metanarrative) that incorporate all three perspectives of normative, existential, and situational to everyday life. Let me explain.

Take Courage: You are not the First Domino

JD Payne:

We wrongly think we are the first domino to fall in God’s plan when it comes to our church planting endeavors. We may be near the beginning, but we are not the starting point–even among the unengaged and unreached.  He is the starting point.

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