Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

The Dark Night in Denver — Groping for Answers

Al Mohler:

The news hit the airwaves like a sudden onslaught, and the truth began to sink in. It has happened again. This time, 50 people shot while attending the midnight premier of the last in the Batman sequence, “The Dark Knight Rises.” According to press reports, a 24-year-old man burst into the crowded theater, wearing a gas mask and carrying an arsenal. After deploying what is believed to be tear gas, he opened fire with a shotgun, a rifle, and two handguns. At least 12 people are dead, and dozens are injured, many critically.

Gay Is Not the New Black

Voddie Baucham:

It’s hard to deny that homosexual marriage appears to be a foregone conclusion in America. This is a frightening prospect not only for those of us who understand marriage to be a testimony of the relationship between Christ and his bride, the church, but also for all who value the family and its contribution to the well-being of society and human thriving. And while it’s difficult to watch a coordinated, well-funded, well-connected propaganda strategy undermine thousands of years of human history, it’s especially disconcerting to witness the use of the civil rights struggle as the vehicle for the strategy.

Walking Along the Edge of a Knife

Amber Van Schooneveld:

A few weeks ago, hundreds of people just down the road from me lost their homes and all their belongings in a firestorm. Just a month before that, a coworker’s baby son was born with no legs. Yesterday, a friend found out his leukemia came back. And today, twelve people were killed at a movie theater in my hometown, at the mall where I used to shop at Claire’s and perform in choir concerts.

These tragedies are so close. A reminder that we are just a breath away from catastrophe. It is as if we are walking along the edge of a knife, balancing, hoping that we will stay on top, but knowing that only a wisp of air separates us from what could be.

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