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Should Baptism Be Spontaneous?

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Some Basic Thoughts on Manhood

Thabiti Anyabwile:

It seems “manhood” is an en vogue topic these days. In recent weeks we’ve read of the juvenalization of men, what Al Mohler calls “adultolescence.” We’ve also heard of the need for the church to have a “masculine feel.” Of course, that stands in contrast to the oft-expressed concerns about the “feminization” of the church and, by implication, the feminization of Christian men. It’s clear we’re at a moment in cultural history where the notion of “manhood” defies easy explanation. It’s also clear that the topic is deeply personal, perhaps because so many of us men have grown up either without a good father or even a father, with few male models, and a nagging sense that we have to “prove” our manhood without exactly knowing what the tests are.

How to Hire Leaders

Chad Hall:

Tim served as Lead Pastor for a large and growing church when he contacted me for coaching. By all measures of success, he was doing well as a pastor: the church was flourishing under his leadership, his staff members were thriving, his family was healthy, and his own soul was growing. So I wondered what reasons he could have for working with a coach. Come to find out, Tim faced a challenge that very few otherwise-capable leaders can handle effectively: adding top-level staff.

Competitive Creativity

David Murray:

How can America, and other Western nations, compete with the new, fast-growing, low-cost, economies of the Far East? “Creativity” is an increasingly common answer. “We can’t compete on cost but we can beat them with our brains.” Invention, ingenuity, and innovation are what made America great, and can make her great again.

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