Vacation Fun

This week I’m near Hastings, Ontario, enjoying a very rustic cabin, some fun riding around in my dad’s fishing boat, reading, and, of course spending some time with the family. Here’s a few highlights of our time away so far:

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The second catch of the day (the last one was a bass).

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 Abigail smiling with glee as she looks at her very first fish; her granddad looks just as thrilled.

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What does Hudson like to do best at this point? Chill in the tent. Mission accomplished.

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And then there’s Hannah, our child with no fear. While we missed out getting some photos of our tubing ride, we did get a nice shot of her looking gleefully at a sparkler (held by her aunt Becky). If only I’d got a picture of her digging into a s’more…

That’s all from vacation-land for now.

Have you taken some time off this summer? What’s been a highlight?

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