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$5 Friday at Ligonier

This week’s selections includes Dr. Sproul’s Knowing Scripture and Contemporary Theology teaching series (download), and A Taste of Heaven (hardcover), among many other items. Sale ends at midnight (Eastern Time).

Rethinking that One Chronicles Passage

C. Michael Patton on 2 Chron. 16:9:

…the message I have here is not really about Asa. It is about Hanani and the prophecy he gave. Here is what this post is all about: Hanani was sent to give a bad message. Now, in those days, as you can imagine, going to a powerful king with bad news was not a good way to invest in life insurance. There was a good chance you were going to get the ax (or at least be on the run for the rest of your life like Elijah). But what did Hanani have to fear? I mean, just look at the message he was giving. “The eyes of the Lord are looking everywhere for someone to bless” (my translation before this morning).

An Angry God

Tim Challies:

It is little wonder that man fears an angry God. If we believe that God is so much greater than we are, so much stronger, so much more powerful, and if we believe that God is capable of anger and wrath, then we have little choice but to fear him as a child may fear a parent. And, indeed, man’s history with deity, whether with the true God or with any number of idols, has often been a position of terror, seeking by deed or sacrifice to appease his wrath. And so often, I think, we confuse human anger with divine wrath, imposing our own sinful, irrational, emotional anger upon God’s just, perfect, holy wrath. No wonder, then, that we seek to appease him, to assuage our guilty consciences and to hope against hope that we may have turned aside his wrath for another day.

Cheap eBooks

A couple new eBook deals that have come to my attention:

Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen – $3.99

Adventures in Churchland: Finding Jesus in the Mess of Organized Religion by Dan Kimball – $4.99 (US) / $5.68 (CAD)

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