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Vertical Church: Norm Millar

Watch my pastor, Norm Millar, share Harvest London’s story over at site for James MacDonald’s new book, Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs for. What Every Church Can Be..

Sharing the Gospel with the People Who Changed Your Diaper

Darren Carlson in a post that hits close to home:

Our parents, our sisters, their husbands, and their children do not share our faith. Marriage has certainly brought out the stark contrasts in our lives, and the arrival of children even more so. We are not experts on how to share the gospel or how to relate to our families now that we have believed in Jesus and been saved. Family scenarios are diverse, and there is no one shoe that fits all situations. Still, knowing that many hold beliefs in stark contrast to their families I offer these suggestions.

Complicated isn’t Compromised

Barnabas Piper:

…making compromises is not the same as being compromised. Compromises find a third way where there is no obvious black or white way. Being compromised is to be breached, weakened, or broken. It is to have your convictions undermined. Compromises can strengthen the value of your morality; being compromised weakens it.

Ravenous Sheep

R.C. Sproul Jr.:

Most of us have a rather distorted, city-fied understanding of sheep. We remember from Sunday School that picture of Jesus, smiling as He carried that smiling lamb, the one, over His broad shoulders back to the 99. We never stopped to ask how that one managed to get so far away.

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  • Bucknell Diane S

    That’s cool Aaron. My pastor’s on chapter 8 – John Cox – Carson/Tahoe