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Why the Gospel Is Offensive

Dustin Kensrue:

Who doesn’t love a gift? Most of the time we are more than happy to be given one. Whether it’s our birthday, Christmas, or just because, we feel loved and appreciated when we receive a heartfelt gift from someone who cares about us.

There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Speaking of Dustin, his new band, The Modern Post, has a new EP out from Mars Hill Music. It’s pretty good stuff (and $5 to boot!).

A Review of Richard Mouw’s Talking With Mormons

Kevin DeYoung:

This short book is difficult to review. In fewer than a 100 pages Mouw manages to say some incredibly helpful things, and, well, some other things too. In the former category, Mouw reminds evangelicals that loving our neighbor means we try to understand his beliefs and describe them accurately. His burden is “to invite us to nurture friendlier relations with the Mormon community” (43). To that end, he rightly notes that evangelicals have not always dealt patiently or charitably with Mormons. Throughout his ministry, Mouw has called evangelicals to greater civility and understanding with “outsiders.” Those who are eager to defend the faith and rebuke doctrinal error should not quickly dismiss Mouw’s concerns. He provides a needed warning for a certain type of evangelical.

How to be a Christian Hater

David Murray:

No, not how to hate Christians. Rather, how to hate as a Christian. For, as we saw yesterday, there is a time to hate (Eccl. 3:8). But how are we to hate? How are we hate in a Christian manner?

Some Guidelines for Reading Old Testament Narrative

Julian Freeman:

We know that narratives are inspired and ‘useful’ for us (2 Tim 3.16-17), but how? Are we really supposed to cheer on Samson? Are we always supposed to take Abraham as a positive example? Are we really supposed to take the admonitions of God to Joshua as personal words of exhortation & promise to us?

Here are ten hopefully helpful principles for interpreting Old Testament narrative. It’s important that we get this right, since this genre of Scripture makes up about 66% of our whole Bible.

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