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Superhero Films and Human Longing

Brandon Smith:

I was nearly eight years of age when I rose early on a Saturday morning to watch the premiere of  Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fascination was coming to a close and I needed a new fix. The Red Ranger was the fearless leader, and my friends and I would argue over who would pretend to be him and who would get stuck as the nerdy Blue Ranger. (Of course, back in my day, we went outside to play!) On top of that, I loved superhero comics and television/film incarnations, especially those starring Batman. Let’s not forget that Emmitt Smith was a superhero in his own right, seemingly invincible on the football field. I was a boy’s boy, not much different than your average boy today.

But is this superhero fixation merely a boyhood fantasy? Shouldn’t we grow out of this?

6 Reasons Why Mormons Are Beating Evangelicals in Church Growth

David French:

…one religious group shows consistent growth year by year and decade by decade. Mormons, living in the same country and culture as evangelicals, keep growing their church. Why? I propose six reasons.

You and your pastor

Ray Ortlund:

Groaning pastors, heavyhearted pastors, sighing pastors can benefit their people, as those pastors keep looking to the Lord moment by moment. But joyful pastors benefit their people far more. How can more churches and pastors get into that zone of divine blessing and power?

Parents Rap

Pretty good take-off of Swagger Wagon from the gang at Bluefish TV:

[tentblogger-youtube N_NspDWssIY]

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