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5 Things Love Isn’t

Daniel Darling:

Perhaps there is nothing the human heart craves more than true love. We are wired to love and be loved. The problem is that we don’t actually understand what love really is. We get all kinds of definitions from the culture and from our own feelings.

In fact, I think it’s helpful to think a little bit, not about what love is but what love isn’t. So here are five things love isn’t.

Is the God of Calvinism a Moral Monster?

Justin Taylor in a deleted scene from the upcoming documentary, Hellbound?:

[tentblogger-vimeo 46770084]

Here’s a trailer for the documentary:

[tentblogger-vimeo 46377901]

How Do We Understand God’s Wrath Against Sin?

Marc Cortez:

Our older daughter, Leah, used to love creating huge Lego villages on our family room floor. She’d build houses, barns, stores, and roads, and populate the villages with little Lego people. She’d work hard to make sure that everything was just the way she wanted. Each little Lego person had to be standing in just the right place, their cars carefully parked in their little Lego garages, and any Lego animals safely resting in their corrals. In Leah’s mind, everything was perfect. This was her little Lego shalom.

Thanks for Ruining My Day

Joe Thorn:

Like all preachers I sometimes wonder if people are really listening when I preach. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Especially with a bunch of white, reformed people. Most just look at you. Sometimes they frown. But that’s what I do when I listen to a preacher, and I am intensely listening (and frowning).

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