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Fear and Loathing in Las Vagueness

Mike Reeves:

If we are content to watch the church go its own sweet way with just the occasional lick of devotional paint and the odd sponging-down of how we do things, then we can afford to leave theology alone. But if we want to see a true refreshing, a true renewal, a true Reformation of the church, then a deepening theology of the gospel is the only way forward.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit

Enjoy this great info graphic from the Good Book Company offering a timeline of Acts and the Epistles.

Be Careful with How-To Sermons

Joe Thorn:

I was taught by many that good preaching must be practical, focusing on action. I was even told in a couple seminary classes that every point in a sermon should be a command. I appreciate the emphasis on practicality and desiring to see people moved, changed, and empowered. But we need to be careful here. This emphasis is what often pushes the how-to, can-do, you-do sermons that amount to little more than a preaching of the law without the hope of the gospel.

The Best New Testament Dictionary is…

David Murray:

…the Old Testament. As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, let me give a few examples of how the Old Testament acts as a dictionary for the New Testament.

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  • David Murray

    Thanks for the recent links, Aaron. Appreciate that!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Glad to share. Thanks David!