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Angry Christians and the Devil’s Tactics

D.A. Carson (via David Rogers):

One of the things that troubles me about American society—about North America, and I include Canada in this, and Western European Christian society, to some extent, but it’s stronger here; it’s stronger here because of America’s particular heritage—there is a great deal of anger on the American Right at the moment. Have I thrashed this one over with you before? Let me just say a little bit about it, because it is troubling. It’s hard to know what to do.

It’s Not About Religion. It’s About A Relationship. Really?

Mark Altrogge:

The problem with the statement “It’s not about religion. It’s about a relationship with Jesus” is that it’s vague. It’s undefined, warm and fuzzy.  But it can say the wrong thing.

Giveaways You Should Know About

Chris Vacher is giving away Jars of Clay Concert Tickets in Toronto September 15

The Koinonia Blog is giving away The Gagging of God by D.A. Carson. All you have to do is answer a simple question: Apple Cinnamon Tea – comforting seasonal beverage or an abomination against “real” tea?

How To Use A Capo

Chris Vacher:

As a guitar player on a worship team, one of the must-have tools in your kit is a capo. Some guitar players are purists about using (or not using) capos but for 99% of you, knowing how to use a capo properly and what it does will serve you very well. Whether you play on your worship team, lead worship, perform as a singer/songwriter or play in a band, guitar players need to know how to use a capo.

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