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12 Reasons Why Public Worship is Better than Private Worship

David Murray:

If you had the choice between private Bible reading and prayer, or going to church, which would you choose?

The Puritans would choose church.

Surprising isn’t it. We all know the Puritans’ welcome emphasis on private devotion and personal godliness. But they actually rated public worship even higher. For example, David Clarkson, colleague and successor to John Owen, preached a sermon on Psalm 87:2 entitled Public worship to be preferred before private, and gave 12 reasons why.

Theological Education in the Local Church

Tim Brister:

As encouraging as the new technology and decentralized delivery systems are for theological education, the most exciting aspect of it all is seeing local churches embrace the responsibility to educate, train, equip, and send out disciple-makers, ministry leaders, church planters, and missionaries in their own context. One such church leading the way isThe Church at Brook Hills. Below is a video of David Platt sharing with his church family the recent developments of providing theological training for disciple-makers here and abroad…

Here’s the video for those interested; it’s really interesting stuff:

[tentblogger-vimeo 46191581]

Rescuing Daniel from Children’s Storybooks

George Lawson:

…although we are familiar with Daniel’s rescue from the Lions’ den, he still seems to be trapped in children’s books, and is placed on the shelf between Mother Goose and Aesop’s fables. The 6th chapter of Daniel is more than a bed-time story, and if I can be honest with you, for a long time I missed the main point.

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