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Let Jesus Feel the Shame

Tim Challies:

So many Christians live their lives racked with guilt and shame. They think back to the things they did, the sins they committed, whether two days ago or two decades, and they live under a cloud of shame. This shame hurts, it burns, it incapacitates. It raises this question: What is the place of guilt, what is the place of shame, in the life of the Christian? I want to take a shot at answering that question today.

3 Media-Made Myths about Abortion

Trevin Wax:

It’s election season again, and our country’s ongoing debate over abortion is raging. In watching newscasters and reporters comment on the abortion debate, I’ve pinpointed three common myths about abortion perpetuated by people in the media.

Glory-Begetting Belief

Tim Brister:

Throughout John’s Gospel, Jesus is passionate about strengthening the faith of His disciples and producing saving faith in unbelievers through His many “signs” (miraculous acts unveiling His identity as the Messiah). As He prayed to the Father, Jesus said, “I said this on account of the people standing around, that they may believe you sent me” (v. 42). What happened as a result of Jesus bringing a dead man back to life after four days in the tomb? “Many of the Jews who had come with Mary and had seen what he did,believed in him” (v. 45). Seeing the glory of God in the person and work of Jesus Christ produced faith in the sinner’s heart.

So, Isn’t it Time You Start a Family?

Bev Hislop:

Not many people are aware how hurtful their innocent question “So, isn’t it time you start a family?” really is. Very few people know about the tears Kari sheds when she is alone. The longing to hold a child of her own causes her arms to ache and her heart to break. Only God hears the Why? of her questioning heart.

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