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Rant: The Ice Cream Man

Joe Thorn:

When did the ice cream man become so creepy? Maybe I’m just getting old (40 in a couple days). Maybe I see more danger in the world than I did as a kid. But my memories of the ice cream man look very different than what I’m seeing today.

Cheap eBooks

A few from Erwin Lutzer:

The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage – $4.79 (this is one of the healthiest books on this subject I’ve ever read)

Is God on America’s Side? – $4.19

One Minute After You Die – $4.19

A couple by John MacArthur:

Grace for You: A Compelling Story of God’s Redemption – $2.84

Found: God’s Will – $3.99

And a few other authors:

Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will or How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Impressions, Open Doors, Random … Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc. by Kevin DeYoung – $6.54 (consider this the mid-range pick)

God Is. How Christianity Explains Everything by Douglas Wilson – $3.95

Is Christianity Good for the World? by Douglas Wilson and Christopher Hitches – $6.65 (this is the other mid-range pick)

Also, while not a cheap eBook, did you know that my first book, Awaiting a Savior, will soon be available at WTS Books?

Reading for Worldviews: Lord of the Rings

Douglas Wilson:

…imagine what the test of real time will do to our literature that is not worth preserving. Imagine what it will look like when our century and the last one have that huge neighborhood garage sale, the one where we sell off all our old Book of the Month Club selections at a nickel a box. What will we keep? What will be left over?

I want to argue that The Lord of the Rings will be among the keepers. And schoolchildren several centuries hence will then be able to imagine that the 20th century was a time of literary giants, all of them with a Christian worldview—when there was a Tolkien on every corner.

People Are Dying… and No One Seems to Care

Julian Freeman, sounding off on an important issue for Canadians:

Can you imagine a scenario where people in some far off country are being systematically wiped out? Imagine millions of people being killed by the government and the news of it being hushed, downplayed, and spun by the media so that the massacre can continue.

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