Theological vision, and keeping the main thing the main thing


Center Church is shaping up to be one of the best books I’ve read on church ministry. This is in no small part due to its being (at least to this point) so drastically different from the other books available on the subject.

Rather than focusing on a doctrinal foundation or methodology, Tim Keller puts the emphasis on theological vision, which he defines as “a faithful restatement of the gospel with rich implications for life, ministry, and missions in a the of culture at a moment in history” (p. 20).

A clearly defined theological vision moves our doctrinal foundation from the abstract and informs the particulars of our methodology and allows us to keep the main thing the main thing:

Only one thing can handle being the main thing #centerchurch #fb

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What the gospel is not #CenterChurch #fb

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Simple, not singular

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When it comes to our desire to reach people, it’s our theological vision that keeps us from running off the rails, but also allows us to see how we can faithfully explain our singular message without embracing a simplistic one-size-fits-all mindset (which is the heart of good, biblical contextualization).

I’ll be posting a comprehensive review soon, but if you’re at all curious, I’d highly encourage ordering a copy from:

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  • Caleb Land

    I couldn’t agree with you more, it is excellent so far, and I have you to thank for it! I think I will have to buy some copies to hand out to other people.