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Introducing BOLD

BOLD is a conference designed to encourage you with the confidence you need to stand firm for the truth in a culture that rejects it, but needs it desperately. Dr. Al Mohler and Dr. Rick Holland, staunch defenders of the truth, will equip us in how to minister boldly as individuals and as local churches, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

I will be attending this conference on September 30-October 2 as a special guest of the event. If you’re in the Midwest (Columbus NE), I’d love to connect with you at the event—and if you can’t make it, be sure to follow along here.

Don’t Chase the Latest Thing

Joshua Harris:

[tentblogger-youtube JiaGLsT6jR4]

Keep It Complicated

Randy Newman:

…what if “keeping it simple” is really distorting the message? What if our message isn’t really simple? What if the gospel is complex, rich, multifaceted, nuanced, far-reaching, and touching upon an infinite number of other aspects of life? What if the Bible isn’t really a simple book after all? What if God’s Word points us to its inspirer—the God who is beyond comprehension, beyond finding out, beyond our finite reasoning, and beyond all we can pull together?

10 Things I Wish I’d Been Told in Seminary

Ben Reed:

Seminary isn’t for everyone, but it’s incredibly helpful for some. Including me.

But seminary doesn’t teach you everything. It doesn’t fully prepare you for ministry, or tell you what hats you’ll have to wear. If you go in to seminary expecting it’ll give you every tool it takes to lead the Church well, think again. It ain’t happenin’. In fact, I learned a ton working in a coffee shop while in seminary.

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  • Amber

    Well, Aaron, “well known Christian blogger and author,” have a great time in Nebraska!