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Change is Always Good! Right?

Michael Krahn:

The culture surrounding my generation and the world around us was in a lot of trouble and we felt responsible to do something about it. And so we began to think of ways to make an impact. And not only did we think, we started to act! But when I look back now, I can see that I too often fell prey to a spirit of pragmatism. As pragmatism often is, mine was fueled by very good desires – to see more people meet Jesus, to see the church make a bigger impact, to tackle the many injustices in the world.

Cheap eBooks

The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven Lawson – 99¢

Basic Christianity by John Stott – $3.84

Christian Mission in the Modern World by John Stott – $5.12

Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer – $4.67

George Whitefield Resources

Steve McCoy’s put together a great page on his blog featuring all TONS of resources on George Whitefield—biographies, sermons, journals, letters and more. He also noticed The Sermons of George Whitefield by Lee Gatiss for $9.99 (which is a steal considering how massive this book is!).

“Jesus” must be defined

Ray Ortlund:

In this part of the world, the American South, many people don’t mind God-talk.  They don’t even mind Jesus-talk.  But “Jesus” must be defined, or we might be defrauded.

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