“A Book the Church Desperately Needs”


My next book, Contend: Defending the Faith in a Fallen World, is going to be out in a matter of weeks! This book truly has been a labor of love and an insane amount of work, both on my part and my editor’s. At this point, we’re starting to release the endorsements for the book and I’m so thankful for the first one we received from Daniel Darling. Check it out:

Some church leaders like myself get a queasy stomach when faced with theological conflicts. Others relish the fights and want to convene a church council over the number of Adam’s hairs. Aaron presents a third way between avoidance and division: the biblical model of earnest, charitable contending for the faith. This is a book the Church desperately needs, for it matters not merely that we contend, but also how we contend and that we contend for the right cause: namely the name of Christ. Contend not only calls to defend orthodoxy, but gives us a biblical blueprint for doing it. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to pastors, seminarians, bloggers, and teachers.

Daniel Darling, Senior Pastor, Gages Lake Bible Church; Author, Real: Owning Your Christian Faith

Contend will be available in October from Cruciform Press. I hope you’ll pre-order your copy today.

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