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Who Are You? Our Astonishing New Identities

Mark Altrogge:

Most of us have no problem identifying ourselves as sinners. But that’s not the sum total of our identity. In fact the most important part of our identity is who we are in Christ.

$5 Friday at Ligonier

Today is $5 Friday at This week’s offerings include:

  • Creation or Chaos: Modern Science and the Existence of God (Audio & Video Download)
  • Saved From What? by R.C. Sproul (eBook)
  • John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology by Burk Parsons (Hardcover)

Fighting with Scripture

Micah Fries:

Recently I’ve been thinking through our commitment to Scripture’s veracity. More specifically, I have been searching my own personal commitment to the integrity and efficacy of Scripture. As I have thought through this, it occurs to me that although the fight for the reliability of Scripture is much different in my day than it was 20 years ago, it certainly still remains. See, when I grew up, the great enemy of the gospel was almost always known as “liberalism”, or possibly, “moderate theology”. Today, however, it seems that we must equally be on guard against a different enemy. This new enemy is just as old as the first, but it is often more difficult to spot. Of course, it would be the enemy of legalism.

Does Your Church Have Policies and Practices to Protect Against Pastoral Failures?

Thabiti Anyabwile:

While working on a chapter for an upcoming book, I had the blessing of researching the moral failures of several prominent church pastors.  I say “blessing” because it was enlightening to observe some common dynamics and failures in the scandals.  In most cases, men who should have been disqualified were back in their pulpits or establishing new ministries within months.  In most cases, churches were seriously injured by the transgressions and hurt further by the inadequate efforts at redress.  In all the cases, the offending pastor received more attention and support than the victims of his abuse or deceit.  It was a sobering exercise.

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