Creatures of the Word and The Centerpiece of Ministry


I’ve just started to crack into Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson and Eric Geiger’s new book, Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church (B&H Publishing) and it looks to be nothing if not challenging.

The Church cannot have anything but the gospel at its center—if it does, it’s not the Church:

Our churches must be fully centered on Jesus and His work, or else death and emptiness is certain, regardless of the worship style or sermon series. Without the gospel, everything in a church is meaningless. And dead.

Creature of the Word looks at the gospel as the centerpiece of the Church—what every aspect of our ministry must be consumed by—and outlines practically how church leaders can maintain the centrality of the gospel. Check out the trailer:

[tentblogger-youtube 90PTFJZs6rM]

I’m pretty excited to see how this book impacts its readers—and I want to give you a chance to read it.

Courtesy of my friends at LIfeway, I’ve got three copies of the book to give away, and each copy comes with a bonus:

Winners will receive one copy of Creature of the Word and an individual registration for the Creature of the Word simulcast on October 23rd at 8-11 am CT (9-12 ET).

Chandler, Patterson and Geiger will each teach on a different topic from the book and will answer viewer questions at the end of the simulcast.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

I want to know how you and/or your church is striving to make everything it does about Jesus. What’s something that’s happened in your context that’s been really encouraging in this area?

To enter, use the handy-dandy PunchTab widget on the page:

Contest ends on Saturday, October 13 at 5 pm (ET). Hope you enjoy the book!

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  • Jared Totten

    As the worship pastor, I’ve always tried to pick songs that are theologically true and consistently strong (not one line of theological depth followed by three lines of fluff). But within the last year, we’ve also begun to structure the entire flow of the service around the gospel message: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Reflection and Response.

  • Chris_Land06

    I teach our students gospel-centered lessons to always run to Jesus. Right now I am taken them through The Gospel Project which has blessed my heart and I hope it does for them.

  • Chris

    Our church has created a process called Receive-Grow-Spread that is focused on moving people along the discipleship process within the church until they are equipped to make disciples out in the community. It is following the truth that we are called to make disciples and share the Gospel in every area of life.

  • Jason

    Our church spends time each year to evaluate our activities based on our mission of helping people make Christ the center of their lives. Helpful things are continued and things that don’t match the mission are sent packing.

  • AWHall

    Our leadership is working through its doctrinal statement and seeing how Christ is at the center of everything.

  • ‘Guerite ~ BoldLion

    Great Questions! I am not a pastor and wish that my pastor can answer this great question. As a member of Christ Baptist Church (CBCW), I can say that they do keep on pointing me and others to Christ all the more. I love the way CBCW do expository preaching which does really help me to know His Word far better than any topical preaching. I am so thankful for my wonderful church family that does really care about the Gospel and sharing the Gospel with others.

  • Willie Harris Jr

    We are realigning the structure and purposes of our ministries to make sure making disciples of Jesus is at the core of everything we do.

  • Persis

    We started a new Sunday school series taught by the elders on applying the gospel in a fallen world. This is rubber-meets-the road application to daily living.

  • Eaton

    We do expository preaching with a conscious effort to make Christ central of every message. We are also teaching a discipleship class in which we have had several individuals really begin to grasp, understand, and love the importance of sound doctrine

  • David Wagner

    Expository Preaching is key to what our Church does!

  • Tommy

    Proclamation of the Word and demonstration of the Word (community)

  • Jason

    Besides keeping Jesus the central focus in the preaching and teaching, we attempt to keep him central in our fellowship outside the four walls of our church.

  • Dan Brubacher

    We are embarking on a stuyd of James MacDonald’s “Vertical Church” material.

  • Mic

    Proclaiming and demonstrating The Word

  • Dan

    Keeping Him central in preaching and seeing this lived out through our small groups. It’s wonderful to see folks die to themselves daily and live for Christ.