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I Hope You’re Taking Notes

Barnabas Piper:

When I think back on the fluorescent lit classrooms of high school and the lecture halls of college I get bored. I think of the filled up notebooks of doodles and pictures and scribbles and, well, not notes. I didn’t take notes because note taking was boring. It was tedious and laborious, but knowing what I know now I wish I had. And so does my GPA.

Triperspectivalism in the Psalms

Tim Brister:

While working through the Psalms devotionally, I began to see a triperspectival pattern (to no one’s surprise) worth mentioning. A great example of this would be Psalm 71.

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Culture Warts or Faithful Servants?

Peter Jones:

The most satisfactory answer, in my opinion, is the documented fact that influential segments of the culture have recently converted in one form or another to religious paganism and have thus abandoned the fundamental worldview notions of orthodox Christianity. The younger Christian generation faces the enormous danger of allowing the culture to throw out our baby with their “baggage.”

What Does Nicea Have to Do with Geneva?

Thaddeus Williams:

When it comes to the debate about God’s sovereignty, there is a common caricature that goes something like this: Calvinists are all about God’s power while non-Calvinists are all about God’s love. Some scholars have even branded their non-Calvinism “relational theism” to set their loving God apart from the relationally challenged power-God of Calvinism. Sure Calvinists will also talk about God’s love, and non-Calvinists about God’s power, but wedged between them seems to be the question of which attribute of God is more ultimate—power or love?

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