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The Unsurpassed Glory of the Lord

Chris Poblete:

Isaiah 55 reminds us that the thoughts of the Lord are much higher than our thoughts, His ways more wise than our own. God is complete “other” than us, utterly transcendent and unsurpassed in all His ways… Here are seven ways in which the glory of the Lord goes unsurpassed.

$5 Friday at Ligonier

Today is $5 Friday at This week’s offerings include:

  • By Grace Alone: How the Grace of God Amazes Me by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson (Hardcover)
  • The Promise Keeper: God of the Covenants teaching series by R.C. Sproul (Audio & Video Download)
  • Gospel Wakefulness by Jared Wilson(eBook Download)

By Grace You Can

Joe Thorn:

I find that some Christians have a good understanding of the extent of our human depravity, but an underdeveloped view of God’s vivifying grace. Many seem to believe that because sin continues to cling to and corrupt all our works this side of the resurrection that even as believers we remain fruitless in godliness–incapable of obeying God. But man’s total depravity doesn’t leave us pessimistic in piety because God’s sovereign grace in salvation gives us life, overcomes our weaknesses, and produces a transformed character. By grace we can obey God. I was reading Sibbes today (as we all should), and he said it better than I can.

Why Catechesis Now?

Tim Keller:

The church in Western culture today is experiencing a crisis of holiness. To be holy is to be “set apart,” different, living life according to God’s Word and story, not according to the stories that the world tells us are the meaning of life. The more the culture around us becomes post- and anti-Christian the more we discover church members in our midst, sitting under sound preaching, yet nonetheless holding half-pagan views of God, truth, and human nature, and in their daily lives using sex, money, and power in very worldly ways.

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