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When You Preach A Lousy Sermon

Justin Buzzard:

Last Sunday I preached a lousy sermon. It felt awful and embarrassing. I was so discouraged on Sunday. Let me tell you the story and offer a few thoughts to help you the next time you preach a lousy sermon.

Pillars of Grace for 99¢

Ligonier Ministries is offering Pillars of Grace by Steven J. Lawson for 99¢ (ePub). Kindle users can get it for 99¢ at Amazon.

Too Familiar? No Such Thing.

Barnabas Piper:

“We just got too used to each other.” That was the reason a former co-worker of mine gave me for breaking up with his girlfriend. It’s not an uncommon refrain, and it’s a sentiment that is easy to empathize with. Familiarity does breed contempt, after all. To a point.

Is My Wife’s Job Harder Than Mine?

Tim Challies:

Last week my wife and I sat down and watched C.J. Mahaney’s keynote address from the Strengthening Your Marriage in Ministry event at Southern Seminary. . . . There was one thing C.J. said that generated a fair bit of discussion between the two of us. When talking about Carolyn, especially in the days when she was a stay-at-home mom with several young children in her care, C.J. said how he often commended her because her job is harder than his. He made this point stand out—Husbands, your role in life is easier than your wife’s and you ought to make sure she knows this. This is not an original sentiment; I can’t count how many men I’ve heard say this to their wives or how often I’ve read people commending this kind of statement: “My job is easy compared to hers.”

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