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Do Men Mother?

Kevin DeYoung:

While we may know single parents doing their best to “father” and “mother” at the same time and we may know stay-at-home dads who seems to be flourishing, personal experience suggests that moms and dads are far from interchangeable. Stand up comics wouldn’t be able to make us laugh with their wry observations if men and women weren’t so different.

6 Changes in 6 Years of Blogging

Trevin Wax:

Last week marked my sixth year blogging at Kingdom People. Since then, I’ve written more than 3000 blog posts about a variety of topics.

Along the way, it’s been interesting to watch how the blogosphere has evolved. Here are a few things that are different today.

What would I do if I was falsely accused of sexual immorality?

David Murray:

I had an eerie sense of déjà vu as I watched the Dinesh D’Souza scandal unfold last week.  I’ve seen a number of men be accused of sexual immorality – politicians, businessmen, pastors – and almost always their first reaction is not only to deny the accusations, but to attack the accusers as jealous, small-minded, and part of a wider conspiracy or vendetta against them (e.g. Bill Clinton, Dominique Strauss, etc).

Obviously we have to resist the temptation to assume the worst of people, especially of powerful men. False accusers do exist. However, it does raise the question if this is the way those who really are victims of false accusation would or should react?

Pastor as Prophet

Chad Hall:

What does a church need from her pastor(s)?  I propose every church needs pastoral leadership that exhibits the three-fold office of Christ: prophet, priest, and king.  I gave an overview of this in my last post.  In this post, let’s take a deeper look at the prophetic role.

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