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The free offer of the gospel

Jeremy Walker:

The cult of celebrity and the elevation of the conference over the church seems to be taking ever deeper roots. While appreciating the dynamic of a gifted man with a reputation for insight and competence drawing others to hear him – “Come, see a man who told me all things that I ever did” (Jn 4.29) springs to mind – there is a danger in our case that the attraction becomes the vessel rather than the treasure. Indeed, the more the pot cracks, the greater the visibility and the more evident the splendour of that which resides within. The better encouragement ought to be to come and hear Christ preached rather than to come and hear this man who, by the way, preaches Christ. We are trying to play God’s game by the world’s rules.

$5 Friday at Ligonier

Today is $5 Friday at This week’s offerings include:

  • The Reformers and Puritans as Spiritual Mentors: “Hope is Kindled” by Michael Haykin (paperback)
  • When Worlds Collide by R.C. Sproul (eBook download)
  • God in Our Midst: The Tabernacle and Our Relationship with God by Rev. Daniel Hyde (hardcover)

Free Audiobook: What is the Mission of the Church?

This month’s free audiobook at Christian Audio is What is the Mission of the Church? by Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert (I reviewed this a few months back here). Don’t pass this up!

Brothers, We Should Stink

Thabiti Anyabwile:

These days pastoral ministry has become more glamorous, fabulous, fashionable than ever. We hear nowadays of pastors driving expensive cars or being chauffeured, owning private jets, and living in opulent mansions. Once only the “prosperity preachers” and bona fide hucksters touted such lives; now your neighborhood “orthodox” super-pastor does the same. It’s all so pretty, perfumed with the world’s “best” of everything.

Bluestocking Feminism

Douglas Wilson offering a scathing critique of A Year of Biblical Womanhood:

So I think we have better things to do than learn about biblical womanhood from someone who is having trouble with distinguishing subjects from predicates. This is a caliber of exegesis that thinks that Jesus went to Capernaum might mean that Capernaum went to Jesus. Who can be sure? Scholars differ on this controversial point.

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