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This week Cruciform Press and I kicked off the Contend Blog Tour and the response has been incredibly encouraging. Here’s a bit of what people are saying.

Over at The Pilgrim’s Tent, Corey Sosebee writes:

Aaron Armstrong has written a helpful modern manifesto on contending for the gospel . . . I would recommend this book for those who are struggling with living the Christian life in these last days. Often it’s difficult to understand how our faith integrates into the world around us. Armstrong really helps to answer these questions and gives a context where it occurs.

Katie at Here I Raise My Ebeneezer writes:

…at least for me, the best thing about Contend is that it gave me a vision of the joy that is found in contending for truth. I am sometimes loathe to speak out because I am afraid of offending or turning people away from the gospel. And sometimes, I’d rather just keep quiet – it’s simpler. But Contend reminded me of the glorious truth that I get to contend for these things, by the Lord’s strength and His glory.

Kim Shay at The Upward Call says:

I’m not sure I had a clear picture of what “contend” meant before I read this. I knew enough to know I don’t want to be “contentious,” but Armstrong’s book opened my eyes to what this involves. It challenged me about my place in the local church. I highly recommend this book.

Abigail at 613 Thoughts writes:

Contend offers a manageable and concise look at what really matters when contending for the faith. Far from accusatory, Armstrong’s descriptive writing style weaves together fundamental doctrines with the need for grace and love.

And Angela at Refresh My Soul says:

…I was a bit afraid this book may have been directed mainly for men. . . . However, don’t let the cover fool you, this is a wonderful read for women as well as men. This book is a short, easy read yet balanced with a good punch of Scripture. . . . It is written in a loving non-threatening way which I appreciated.

I’m very thankful for the reception the book’s received so far and would encourage you to give each review a read. Contend is available now at cruciformpress.com and Amazon.

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