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The Sin About Which No One Will Speak

Daniel Darling:

There is a sin that nobody in our world really wants to discuss. It’s the fashionable sin, that fuels our great social movements and has become an engine of our politics.

It’s the sin of envy. We love to talk about greed. I mean if you google the word, “greed” you’ll get a thousands sermons, news articles, political speeches, blog posts, etc. We assume that anyone who is wealthy is greedy, simply because we attach greed to success as if the poor can’t have bad attitudes about money.

Controversy and Interpretation: A Review of *Biblical Womanhood*

Matthew Lee Anderson offers his take on Rachel Held Evans’ new book and the controversy surrounding it:

I think Rachel Marie Stone’s point about Rachel’s conservative critics not practicing a charitable reading of the book is probably right.  But that’s a buzzsaw that destroys everything in its path, and Rachel’s own project shows very little hermeneutical sympathy with the targets of her critique.

10 meeting rules every pastor should live by

Ben Reed:

I love people, which means that I don’t hate meetings. But I also value my time and theirs, and don’t want to waste my days and my life in pointless meetings. Throughout the 7 years or so I’ve been a pastor, I’ve learned a few things about meetings that may help save you some headaches.

Thinking about the Election from a Biblical Point of View

Sam Storms:

Yes, I am offended and fed up with the hostility in the current campaign. The lies and spin and distortions and underhanded things that people will do to get elected make me sick. Yes, in my weaker moments I get somewhat anxious, and occasionally terrified, about what “sinful humans” with all their “quirks” might decide two days from now. And my guess is that most of you feel the same way, regardless of which political party you support.

But Marvin Olasky is right: “under a sovereign God, the election is no crapshoot.”

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