What others are saying about Contend (part 2)

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The Contend blog tour officially wraps up this week and the responses continue to be incredibly encouraging. Here are a few excerpts from recent reviews:

Tom Farr writes:

The call back to the gospel in recent years is a great thing, and CONTEND is a battle cry for believers to fight for the gospel of Jesus because it is vitally important to us. We embrace the gospel because it reveals who God is and it rescues people out of darkness and into God’s kingdom. God’s glory and the people God loves enough to give his life for should be incredibly valuable to us, and we must contend against anything that threatens to silence the gospel message. CONTEND is a clear and practical guide for believers to do this.

Joey Cochran says:

Armstrong’s book Contend offers an assessment of context, bringing the reader up to speed on some of the hot-bed issues and concerns that are tied to the millennial generation, which is built on values of pluralism, relativism, and tolerance. . . . Ultimately Contend brings meaningfulness to reproving false teaching and challenges the Church to see this as a worthwhile endeavor. I give this book a hefty recommendation. It will certainly sharpen each reader as they discern the huge importance of how their individual spiritual life plays into the vitality of preserving the true faith of the Church at large.

Todd writes at Amazon:

…Aaron lays out what it looks like to defend the faith in our everyday life. I think one of the biggest strengths of Aaron’s writing is his ability to relate deep truths in a way that is easy to grasp for anyone. That ability is on full display in this book.

Jeannie writes at Goodreads:

In a very concise and clear way, Aaron shows what contending for the faith is and what it is not. It is not putting a high priority on unity, while we compromise who Christ is and what he has done and why….A great reminder is contending is not about making doctrine more important than people. We contend in mercy and grace to others. Jesus never left anyone in their sin. However, since we are with sin ourselves, we must contend the truth in love and grace.

I’m very thankful for the reception the book’s received so far; if you haven’t already purchased a copy, Contend is available now at cruciformpress.comAmazon, and WTS Books

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