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New Studies in Dogmatics—A New 15-Volume Series in Constructive Theology

Zondervan has just announced a major 15-volume project in constructive theology, New Studies in Dogmatics:

The volumes will explore vital theological topics of Christian doctrine, expressing their biblical, creedal, and confessional shape. The volumes will seek a constructive theology that—unlike much modern theology—does not downplay the traditions of the church, but embraces and builds upon Christianity’s historic professions. Authors will reexamine church doctrine by beginning with the foundations laid in the creeds, councils, and confessions and expounded by its most trusted teachers (such as the early church fathers, medieval doctors, and Protestant Reformers). “We are excited about the New Studies in Dogmaticsseries,” Allen says, “because we believe that the way to renewal is through retrieval of our catholic and Reformational heritage.”

Statism: The Biggest Concern for the Future of the Church in America

R.C. Sproul:

About thirty years ago, I shared a taxi cab in St. Louis with Francis Schaeffer. I had known Dr. Schaeffer for many years, and he had been instrumental in helping us begin our ministry in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, in 1971. Since our time together in St. Louis was during the twilight of Schaeffer’s career, I posed this question to him: “Dr. Schaeffer, what is your biggest concern for the future of the church in America?” Without hesitation, Dr. Schaeffer turned to me and spoke one word: “Statism.” Schaeffer’s biggest concern at that point in his life was that the citizens of the United States were beginning to invest their country with supreme authority, such that the free nation of America would become one that would be dominated by a philosophy of the supremacy of the state.

Permanent Impermanence

Brandon Smith:

As culture teaches young single folks that they can never be satisfied with their “lot in life,” there must be a ferocious battle against stagnation. We must trust Jesus with what we have and what we may or may not eventually have. Younger Christians should seek older Christians who are willing to invest in them, gleaning invaluable advice in the process. Do not let the pleasures of this world press upon your pursuit of joy in marriage.

Inflatable People: The Holy Spirit and Creation

Marc Cortez:

[W]hen God created the heavens and the earth, the Spirit of God was “hovering over the face of the waters” (Gen. 1:2). So, right at the very beginning of the story, we find the Spirit. Even without knowing anything else about the Spirit, then, you can figure out that it’s probably rather important. After all, the Spirit is the second character introduced in the story of the Bible, right after God himself.

So you keep reading, expecting to find out more about this Spirit and why he’s so important. By the end of chapter one, you’re a little confused. Nothing else about the Spirit. Not even a footnote.

What happened to the Spirit?

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