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Jet Lag and Culture Shock

Tim Challies:

Jet lag and culture shock are just plain cruel when they team up. This week I find myself halfway around the world, in a time zone ten-and-a-half hours removed from my own and in a culture so vastly different that it is difficult to comprehend. After two or three days in the east, I fooled myself into believing that I had adjusted well to the time difference. But then Sunday evening and Monday I was so utterly exhausted I had to admit defeat and spend a lot more time flat on my back.

Why your church matters

Ray Ortlund:

. . . the church of the living God.  A church is where the idols of our culture can be cogently discredited and the living God rallied around, rejoiced in, worshiped, studied, loved and obeyed.  If the church is dead or dormant, God’s own appointed testimony to his living reality powers down.  The felt reality of God in the world today is at stake in our churches.

Disarming your hearers

David Murray:

…as people are usually resistant to change you need to devise strategies to disarm their objections and overcome their obstacles to change. Anticipating such resistance will sharpen the presentation and improve its chances of accomplishing its goal. It also conveys to the audience that you’ve thought about them, not just yourself and your presentation, making them more open to your call to action.

The Unexpected Perks of Being Thrown Into the Fire

Stephen Altrogge:

Trials stink. Running out money stinks. Suffering from chronic migraines stink. Being slandered by coworkers stinks. All trials stink, right?

Well, yes and no. From a human perspective, trials are painful and sad. But from God’s perspective, trials are sad, but also wonderfully productive.

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