How can your church be more evangelistic?

I really appreciated this discussion between Darrin Patrick, Mark Dever, and Matt Chandler on how churches can grow in evangelism. I really resonate with the challenge expressed—especially that it gets harder the longer you’re a Christian since you often increasingly have fewer non-Christian friends (and in my case, all my co-workers are Christians), and it’s easy to slip into a mind set of “well, I’m not good at it, so I won’t do it.”

This is a frequent point of discussion in our home as it’s tempting to think there’s some formula or set program you have to follow. But the most helpful thing to remember about evangelism is that a lot of it happens in the day-to-day through intentional relationships in your neighborhood. My wife is great at this (though she doesn’t necessarily believe me). She’s building friendships with other parents, being open about her faith, and sharing the gospel (either in part or in whole) whenever an opportunity presents itself.

The best part is, none of it’s forced. There’s no plotting or contriving of scenarios. Which is probably the best way for it to happen, isn’t it?

If you’re interested in some good, practical books on the subject, here are three I’d recommend:

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer: Amazon | WTS Books

The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon: Amazon | WTS Books

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever: Amazon | WTS Books

Questions to consider (and answer in the comments if you so choose):

  • What have your experiences been like with evangelism?
  • How evangelistic is your church’s culture?
  • In what ways can you encourage a greater emphasis on evangelism within your community?

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  • Jamie

    Great post. I’ve found that it’s easier for me to be evangelistic when I do so using my own gifts, not trying to channel someone else’s gifts. I’m not good at starting conversations about the Lord in airplanes or restaurants, etc, with people I don’t know. That’s not my gift. But, music is one of my gifts, and I have been able to reach the lost by singing and playing over them, and they sense the presence of God and He draws them to Himself.

    I think my church, and churches in general, would be more effective if they taught people to understand that all gifts are for edification of the church and for reaching the lost. We can confidently operate in our gifts because we are to let our light shine… not someone else’s light.