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Satan, Sauron, and the Blindness of Evil

Barnabas Piper:

In His his wonderful new book, On the Shoulders of Hobbits: The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis, Lou Markos has some profound and beautiful things to say about the nature of good and evil. On portion that particularly stands out in my mind is in chapter 15, “Blinded by the Light” in which he exposes the inability of evil to stand before the light of good, or even to understand it. Markos masterfully unwraps the layers of this reality.

Three Bedrock Convictions

Darryl Dash:

In the process of planting a church, there are three verses that I keep thinking about. These verses help keep me focused on what matters most, and they also keep me on my knees. Here they are.

What You Teach Really, Really Matters

Jon Bloom:

When it comes to people being saved, it all hangs on what they believe. So when it comes to teaching, heaven and hell are in the balance. What you teach people really, really matters. You will be judged by what comes out of your mouth and your keyboard. And you will be judged more strictly than others.

Should I Respond To This Comment?

Mike Leake:

Early on in my ministry (both writing and in the local church) I felt the need to respond to every criticism. Now I do not. Awhile back I spent some time thinking through how to determine whether or not to respond to a critique. Mostly, this is dealing with online discussions but it has application with a few minor tweaks to local church ministry as well. These three categories have helped me, perhaps they will help you as well.

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