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A Reflection of Christ

Tim Challies:

In some areas of my life God has called me to lead and in other areas he has called me to follow. Whether I am leading or following, the calling is one of service. As Jesus said, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” Leaders must serve in their leadership and followers must serve in their following.

How Do You Define Preaching?

Thabiti Anyabwile:

As a young Christian I used to speak often of “powerful preachers.” Certain men seemed to me to preach with great force and relentlessness. They had power. Or, so I thought.

“The act of a dying church”

Jeremy Walker:

Here is a proud claim that by bowing to the spirit of the age we are in fact raising moral standards, a strange suggestion that by abandoning the teaching of God’s Word we somehow give ourselves a claim to ethical and moral authority, a bold assertion that obedience to God will be the death knell of the church, all with a nice little pat on the head for the silly boys who are making a fuss about things.

Four Reasons Men Don’t Read Books (with a Practical Suggestion)

Tony Reinke:

Men in the church don’t read well.

I don’t have statistics or studies to prove this. My conclusion draws from my experience, and from educated intuition. I recently discussed this conclusion with Albert Mohler, and he agreed, “It’s a very correct and perceptive intuition.” So that’s something.

Of course, not all Christian men struggle with reading. Many men in the pews are very competent readers, and the church is stronger for it.

But many Christian men do struggle with reading. Here are four reasons why.

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