The fear of death enslaves us, even as we try to ignore it

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Bible tells us that in this life and world there is no such thing as final security apart from the message of the gospel. So if we are relying for our final, ultimate happiness upon anybody or anything in this world alone, then we are certain to be disappointed. If our quietness of heart depends—oh, let me put it with almost brutal realism—if we are depending for happiness and joy and a quiet heart, in a final sense, upon any individual human being, upon our family, our home, our profession, our money, our health and strength, we are doomed to experience disappointment.

Every one of these things one day will be taken from us. . . . We come, we go, things come to pass, everything is moving. “Change and decay in all around I see.” Everything is moving and is going to pass.

The Bible also tells us why all that is true. It is true because of sin. It was not meant to be like that, but that is exactly what sin has done. Sin makes us try to be independent of God. It sees to it that we turn our backs upon him and forget him, and as we think we are going to make life in this world last forever, we think we can do without him. But God comes in and says, “Thou shalt surely die” (Genesis 2:17) because of our sin. Then we are afraid! If only we could abolish death, then we would make a perfect world. But the fear of death is the thing that holds all of mankind in its thralldom, even as we try to ignore it.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled (Kindle Edition)

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