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Violence against women: the rage of the flesh

Ray Ortlund:

Violence against women is the rage of the flesh, utterly contrary to the Holy Spirit. According to the New Testament, the flesh – that is, our natural moral psychology, marked by selfish demandingness and excuses and superiority and swagger – proves itself in obvious ways: “. . . enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger” (Galatians 5:19-21). The rage of the flesh is, in fact, hostility toward God Himself (Romans 8:7).

The Power of Preaching

R.C. Sproul:

Every Sunday morning we observe a strange phenomenon in our cities, towns, and villages. Millions of people leave their homes, take respite from their jobs and recreation, and gather in church buildings for services of worship. People sit quietly and listen while one person stands before them and gives a speech. We call the speech a sermon, homily, or meditation.

What’s going on here?

Don’t Undersell Your Commute

Jonathan Parnell:

What’s the deal with old saints and their communion with God on horseback? There are other stories — whether on horses, or on a walk, or going about their day — where these men encounter God. Perhaps you’ve heard of Jonathan Edwards’s experience in 1737. While riding his horse in the woods, he dismounted for a time of contemplation and prayer and was overcome with a vision of the glory of Christ.

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