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Three Dangers of Being Crazy Busy

Kevin DeYoung, in the first post in a very timely series:

When we are crazy busy we are putting our souls at risk. The challenge is not merely to make a few bad habits go away. The challenge is not to let our spiritual lives slip away. The dangers are serious, and they are growing. And few of us are as safe as we seem.

Writing When There’s Nothing to Write

Barnabas Piper:

What is a writer to do when the ideas aren’t there, when the mind is a wasteland of shriveled thought and emptiness? It can be downright scary and depressing because it is so much out of our control what ideas we have. When the mind is sputtering all sorts of questions arise to rattle the fragile writing mind. What’s wrong with me? Have I used up my quota of creativity? Will I ever have another good idea? The answer to these questions, in order: nothing (probably), no (almost definitely), and yes (probably).

Famous last words

This is really well done:

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