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$5 Black Friday at Ligonier

Ligonier Ministries has an amazing list of books and teaching resources on sale today including:

  • The Priest with Dirty Clothes and John by R.C. Sproul (ePub)
  • A Holy Ambition by John Piper (paperback)
  • Feed My Sheep by various authors (hardcover)

You Can’t Minister to Statistical Averages

Zach Nielsen:

I can’t minister to statistical averages. I can’t share Jesus with a median income. I can’t invite a culture over for dinner. Generalizing about a group of people tells me nothing about the specifics of my neighbor. It can only tell me “mights.” They might be white, they might not. They might have an advanced educational degree, they might not. They might be rich, they might not. “Mights” can easily lead to assumptions, but assumptions are rarely conducive to healthy relationships. “Mights” are just a crapshoot when it comes to having a real conversation with my neighbors and seeking to speak to their situations.

$5.99 print book sale at Cruciform Press

Cruciform Press has 11 titles on sale for $5.99 each (3 book minimum) including both Contend and Awaiting a Savior, among other excellent titles. The sale ends on December 10th, so act quickly!

Why You’re Still Here

Joe Thorn:

As a man living in a broken world, like you, I see a lot of suffering. Being a pastor affords me the opportunity to see even more than I would otherwise. And those struggling with severe affliction, who find little to no relief, often wrestle with the value of their continued presence in this world. “Why won’t God just take me?” “Doesn’t even Paul say it is ‘better to depart and be with Christ?’” “What good is it to continue on “in the flesh” with so much hardship?” These are very real and good questions.

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