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Thanks, Textbooks

Every student usually finds at least one, “huh?!?” moment in their textbooks. “Thanks, Textbooks” is a tribute to the finest—and shockingly funny—in academic writing. (Note for those particularly sensitive to these things, don’t be surprised if you find the language crosses into the PG-13 category fairly frequently.)

A Wife’s Inner Beauty: Convicting and Compelling

Gordon C. Balls:

In almost every case, a wife approaches marriage with a deeper understanding of and passion for loyal love. I consider this a God-given gift, one way she reflects the image of God (Genesis 1:27). I began to identify this as an aspect of a wife’s inner beauty.

This inner beauty exposes areas where a husband is lacking. Just as Isaiah encountered the Lord’s beauty, I heard husbands echo his response: “My destruction is sealed, for I am a sinful man and a member of sinful race” (Isaiah 6:5).

10 Old Wives’ Tales About Church Growth

Brian Orme:

There’s a lot of discussion that goes on about church growth: what causes it; how to generate it; prepare for it; launch it; build it; cultivate it and even, to some degree, manufacture it. Many of the discussions are helpful, but there are a number of subtle beliefs that still creep up that aren’t healthy. In fact, they’re downright superstitious and, at times, dangerous to the church.

I’ve collected these myths over many conversations, coffees and lunches with church leaders and I’d like to share them with you.

When We Don’t Want to Wait

Jonathan Parnell:

The Christian’s future reality of glory is crucial to saving faith. Now please get this: it doesn’t mean we are saved by anything additional to faith alone in Jesus alone. What it does mean: if you trust in Jesus for your best life now, you don’t have the kind of faith the Bible describes. Your best life now is not the hope in which we were saved. Rather, the hope in which we were saved — and in which we rejoice — is the eternal reality of fellowship with God (Romans 5:1–2, 11).

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