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It Changed My Life!

Tim Challies:

It is not unusual to go to Amazon and find a book review that says something like, “I finished this book last night and it changed my life!” It is not unusual to hear the words used in the immediate aftermath of a powerful conference. Yet I always feel a measure of caution when I hear these exclamations. Books and movies and conferences truly can change lives, but we don’t usually know what has shaped us until much later on. Deep and lasting life change is rarely something that is measured in minutes or even hours.

Critical Thinker or Critical Spirit?

Amber Van Schooneveld offers a good take on an important topic:

We need critical people. Otherwise, we’d all be effusive supporters of Twilight and The Secret. (Just kidding, I haven’t read either.) We also need people whose gifts lie elsewhere than being critical. Otherwise, who would there be to follow my husband’s rule when he inevitably dominates the world?

Savings on children’s books at WTS Books

Until 12/19, Westminster Books is offering 60% off 4 of their favorite children’s books including The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Action Bible (discount applies to your first copy; additional copies are slightly higher).

Also at WTS, John Piper’s The Innkeeper is on sale for 50% off and you can save an additional 10% when ordering five or more copies.

Man of Steel

This has the potential to be really good:

A Robust Christmas Liturgy

Joe Thorn, over at the Resurgence:

Most churches emphasize the birth of Jesus Christ during the season of Advent. Some are well organized in graphics, themes, or campaigns. Others are more casual in their approach. But for all of those who are pointing to the birth of Christ this season, it is critical that we are working a theologically robust Christmas liturgy.

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