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Lessons Learned on Day 3,335

Tim Challies:

I found myself thinking back 3,335 days and realized that maybe I have been slow to adapt to the ways the site has changed over the years. 3,335 days ago I was paying $8 a month for hosting and about 8 people a day were visiting. That was a long time ago. In the past 24 hours 40,000 or 50,000 people attempted to visit and received that ugly and oh-so-unhelpful error message. I think the site may have become the guy who just can’t deal with the fact that he’s got a 40-inch waist and still tries to squeeze into those 32-inch Levis. It’s not working but we’re all kind of embarrassed to tell you that.

A Dream of Mine: The Insourcing of the Local Church

Tim Brister:

Over five years ago, I asked the question about the outsourcing of the local church. It is a question that has not left me since then. I don’t know when it began, how it developed, or why we got here, but we cannot escape this reality that has existed for far too long. Nor am I interested in spending energy to determine who is to blame. Rather, I want to invest my life in the dream of changing the direction from outsourcing the local church to insourcing the local church. Until we have this significant paradigm shift in our thinking, any thought of seeing a serious Great Commission movement in North America is disingenuous.

Cello Wars

This is amazing:

Christmas Carols: Of the Father’s Love Begotten

R.C. Sproul Jr:

The Advent is when we look back to look forward to what is likely the greatest of all miracles, the Incarnation. God became man, took on flesh, and dwelt among us. What I love most about Of the Father’s Love Begotten is how it deals with time. It’s title, and opening line point us to that time before time, reminding us that in a great mystery, the Son of God is eternally begotten of the Father, the very essence of Trinitarian love. Out of that love that Father begets the Son. He is Alpha and Omega, He the source, the ending He,
of the things that are, that have been,
and that future years shall see.

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