The amazing condescension of Christ


O amazing condescension of the Lord Jesus Christ, to stoop to such low and poor things for our sake. What love is this, what great and wonderful love was here, that the Son of God should come into our world in so mean a condition, to deliver us from the sin and misery in which we were involved by our fall in our first parents! And as all that proceeded from the springs must be muddy, because the fountain was so, the Lord Jesus Christ came to take our natures upon him, to die a shameful, a painful and an accursed death for our sakes. He died for our sins and to bring us to God. He cleansed us by his blood from the guilt of sin, he satisfied for our imperfections. And now, my brethren, we have access unto him with boldness. He is a mediator between us and his offended Father.

George Whitefield, “The True Way of Keeping Christmas,” The Sermons of George Whitefield (Kindle Edition)

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  • Josh Linn

    The grace of Jesus is so wonderfully seen in His willingness just to come down and get his hands dirty, as it were. Praise be to Him.