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Why Did Jesus Take on Human Flesh?

Chuck Colson:

Personally, it has been a help to meditate on this question in the middle of a chaotic Advent, “Why did Jesus take on human flesh?” Though the Bible offers many answers to this question, consider this: Jesus took on flesh in order to crucify our flesh.

Gabriel’s Message (redux)

Last week I shared The Good Shepherd Band’s take on this song, this is my friend Deni’s rendition. It’s also excellent:

5 ways to lead your family through the Christmas chaos

Dave Bruskas:

As a child, December 25th was the best day of my year every year. And December 26th was always the worst because I had to wait another 364 more days until Christmas came around once again. Along with the good things about Christmas, faith, family, and friends, there is also a frenetic pace. Here are five things I have learned that I hope will help you make the most of this season.

Why “Just Telling Your Story” Is NOT the Best Way to Share the Gospel

Leslie Keeney:

It should be obvious by now that telling someone that all they have to do to effectively share the gospel is to tell the story of how Jesus changed their life is doing a disservice to Christians who really want to convince people that Christianity is true. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with telling your story. Humans are storytellers by nature. It’s how we connect. It’s how we learn about each other and how we form communities.

But while telling our story will often be the first thing we do when we begin sharing the gospel, it has to be backed up with good apologetics.

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