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Get Christian Apologetics for dirt cheap

Douglas Groothuis’ Christian Apologetics: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Faith is on sale for the Kindle for $4.08 right now (that’s a 90 per cent savings, by the way). Not sure how long this deal’s going to last, so act now.

Dying Regrets and New Year Reflections

Tim Brister:

Earlier this year, The Guardian reported about Bonnie Ware, a palliative nurse, who had spent 12 years documenting the last words and dying regrets of those under her care (which eventually resulted in a book). Ware said that people at the end of their lives have “phenomenal clarity of vision,” and therefore we should consider what we might learn from their wisdom.

Ware listed the top 5 regrets (most commonly mentioned) of those on their deathbed. At the end of each regret listed by Bonnie Ware, I share a prayerful reflection about this upcoming New Year.

All Glory be to Christ

Check out this song from Kings Kaleidoscope (a worship band from Mars Hill Church in Seattle) performed to the tune of Auld Lang Syne. It’s quite nice:

Why C.S. Lewis Didn’t Write for Christianity Today

Dan DeWitt:

“I wish your project heartily well,” wrote C.S. Lewis to Christianity Today, “but can’t write you articles.” Carl F.H. Henry, founding editor of the magazine, had invited Lewis in 1955 to contribute to the magazine’s first issue. Lewis declined. Henry, was not, as the saying goes, “A day late and a dollar short.” He was over a decade late, and no dollar amount would have mattered as Lewis gave the lion’s share of his royalties to charity.

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