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How to Start a Pastoral Training Program in Your Church

Mark Rogers:

Over the past couple years I’ve regularly received inquiries from pastors interested in starting a pastoral training program of their own. These conversations always encourage me. But they also remind me that getting started can be tough. Here’s some practical help for those interested in beginning an internship or training program at their church.

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The ePub edition of John by R.C. Sproul is $5 today during the $5 Friday sale at Also on sale:

  • Believing God: Twelve Biblical Promises Christians Struggle to Accept by R.C. Sproul Jr (ePub)
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  • God Alone teaching series (audio and video download)

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Things People Should Never Say They Never Heard at Your Church

Kevin DeYoung:

As a pastor, there are certain things I hope the people at my church will never say they never heard. These are not necessarily the most important doctrines of the faith (though some are). Rather, these are the things we easily assume our people know, but often still miss.

And when they miss these things they can end up missing everything.

Four Keys to Better Blogging

Jonathan Howe:

Over the past six years, I’ve served as a designer, editor, administrator, and marketer for a number of blogs, including this one. If you know me personally, you know some of the sites I manage. I currently have my hands on about 6-8 sites per week and edit, post, or shape around 50 posts per week. As you can tell by the lack of frequency of my posts here, it leaves little time for me to write much of my own content. However, it does allow me to see what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to blogging.

So what works?

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