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Two great book sales you should know about

Right now Westminster Books has their bestselling titles of 2012 on sale for 50 percent off until January 15th, including:

Crossway also has all their eBooks and the study modules for for $5.99 or less. If you’ve ever wanted to get the Greek Tools module for online use or needed an excuse to get Sensing Jesus by Zack Eswine (besides it being excellent), you’re all set.

Both sales end January 15th.

The Millennial Generation’s Acceptable Sin

Barton Gingerich:

Young evangelicals must choose their master. Right now, too many follow their appetites and desires. They are bending God’s own standards to satiate their libido. Perhaps fear and repentance would not be amiss here—numerous portions of sacred Scripture indicate that sexuality expresses God’s character as carried out in his image-bearers. The cost of trespassing providential limits is too high. Beware your acceptable sins—they are the ones that will kill you. When a society caves in to one particular sin and twists the gospel to defend it (e.g. the antebellum South with slavery) that vice will become a canker on the soul and will eventually bring it to ruin.

Give Your Pastor a Break

Micah Fries:

Pastors, for the most part, work hard. They love people, love the church, and serve out of a sense of divine responsibility. They generally do it out of this love and commitment, and not because of any financial benefit, as most pastors work for far less money than they could earn elsewhere. Pastoring is a highly stressful vocation and one which requires an often absurd amount of hours. Pastors put their weekly hours in at the office, are usually “on the job” multiple nights throughout the week, and generally have responsibilities on many weekends, with Sundays obviously being consumed with commitments. Beyond that, the nature of the job means they are also almost always available. Phone calls in the middle of the night, emergencies at the hospital on weekends and holidays, as well as days off interrupted by well-meaning people who have a pressing (and often not-so-pressing) need. I know, in my situation as a pastor over the last 10 years, if I put in less than 60-65 hours in a week I considered it a light week and one to appreciate. Pastors work a lot.

Recovering Lost Disciplines

Burk Parsons:

The missionary and martyr Jim Elliott (1927–1956) wrote, “The devil has made it his business to monopolize on three elements: noise, hurry, crowds…Satan is quite aware of the power of silence.” It is difficult to escape the busyness, noise, and crowds of life. We are bombarded by a host of amusements and contraptions, most of which we have enthusiastically welcomed into our lives, homes, communities, and churches. We have conditioned ourselves to distraction, and we are leading the next generation down the same path in a hurry. C.S. Lewis wrote, “We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private.” We stand at a crossroads, and we will either rediscover the lost virtues of listening, meditating, and thinking, or we will amuse ourselves to death.

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