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When He Feels Far Off

Lore Ferguson:

He is near because his Word says he is near. Because he is Immanuel, God with us. Because he came to earth as a baby wrapped in rags and humility. He is near because he was a suffering servant, drinking a cup that wasn’t taken from him, even when he asked. He is near because he walked through the valley, in the shadow of his own death. He is near because he is God, encompassing, creating, drawing, loving, shepherding. He is near not because we feel his nearness, but because he says he is near.

Take this comfort if God feels far off.

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I Can’t Wait Until I’m Not In Heaven

Stephen Altrogge:

I’ve gotta confess, I feel a little uncomfortable saying this. Am I allowed to say this in a public forum? Is this going to be bleeped out, or am I going to be fined by the FTC, or something? Maybe I should post this anonymously…Oh what the heck, here I go…

A lot of times heaven sounds really boring to me. 

Work at Remembering

Barnabas Piper:

Recently I asked my wife to read an article I had written. She thought it was no good, that I ought to scrap it and not even bother to re-write. That hurt. I was stung by her criticism. (Forget for a moment that I asked for her honest opinion.) I got angry at her. I argued my side of things. I implied that her opinion was baseless and stupid and then I got sullen. I felt as if she had undermined me as a writer and was tearing me down. All this because I forgot the proven reality: my wife is my greatest supporter and encourager as a writer and wants to see me be my best more than anyone else in the world. But in the face of the upstart instance of criticism all that faded and all I could see was the moment, the conflict. My memory had failed me.

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